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Edwin Compton

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Story 1 : Lucia Mhlabane reaches 3rd place in the B Division of the Nomads SA Girls Championships in Orkney

13 Year Old Lucia Mhlabane came 3rd in the B Division of the Nomads SA Girls Championships with scores of 83, 92, 82. She came T39 overall which is outstanding considering her age and her handicap of 12. Lucia has been in the Malelane SAGDB Program for almost 5 years now and is coached by SAGDB Development Coach Samuel Lukhele.

Story 2 : Ebron Mgidlana

My name is Ebron Mgidlana, I stay in Middelburg Mpumalanga and I’m currently 20 years old. I grew up playing golf where we stayed at Bank Colliery in Middelburg. They only had a nine hole golf course and I received golf lessons from Johan van Rensburg, the green keeper at Bank Colliery. My parents passed away during this time and I had to stop playing golf. I was left with my two younger brothers and had to take care of them. We moved to Middelburg when I was in grade 7 and we stayed out of town. I had a lot of time to focus on my books and soccer, although I was not into it. I heard about a golf course about 15km’s from our home, I took my old golf set and went to the Golf Club. They told me about the SAGDB and what they do for kids like me. I was then advised to talk to Mr Hendrick Swanepoel, the head of school golf in Middelburg Country club. Through this connection, I met Edwin Compton, one of the best people I have ever met in my life. I was so excited to show him my golf swing, that I ended up making a lot of mistakes. Edwin told me to relax and in golf it’s all about being calm, and that that makes you a great player. I started learning about golf and how the game works. I joined the SAGDB, one of the best things that has happened in my life, it changed my life forever. I have met a lot of golf coaches before, but the coaches from the SAGDB made me the player I am today. I haven’t achieved a lot in golf, but I am still playing because I know my vision and what I would like to achieve.

The word ‘development’ means a lot of things. It has made me a strong person. I’m only 20 years old and I am currently an executive committee member at Middelburg Country Club. I would like to encourage kids to grow and stay away from negative things, and start thinking positive thoughts. This quote has inspired me; ‘whatever you want in life, you can get it, if you invest in it.’

When I finished matric, I was a 3 handicap and could not make it into becoming a pro golfer. I met Juan Olivier, one of the Directors at Trollope Mining, he is also the owner of Goldwagen, the world Automative group. They took me to a school where I learned about the automotive industry and then I started working. My job entailed selling parts for German cars. I became a great success in the industry. I introduced some of my colleagues to golf, and we started having annual tournaments, of which I regard a great success. I saw a gap where Barloworld motor retail needed a sales executive, I applied for the job, and having all the needed requirements, they gave me the job. I bought my first car and I am currently busy fixing the house that my parents left for me and my brothers. My brothers go to school every day, and are happy to play golf after hours.

I would like to still be part of the SAGDB to help grow and develop the kids to become great and professional golfers. I am still competing in tournaments in Mpumalanga, I believe I can still make it. The Golf Development program is the best program in golf. It not only changed my life, but it changed the life of my peers.

Keep on doing what you are doing. Thank you to all the sponsors that make it possible for us to do what we love. Thank you to Edwin Compton and Grant Hepburn for the coaching.